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Proms and staying legal...

We mention proms and being fully licensed A LOT. Throughout Facebook, Instagram and on other websites. But why is it important to be fully licensed?

Proms are totally different to any other 'special' journey made in a car (wedding, funeral etc). Therefore, normal car and passenger insurance would not apply to any people for this journey. As such, imagine the consequences if something were to happen to your children in an UNINSURED and UNLICENSED vehicle! We have seen and heard stories of licensing authorities being at proms. They have caught unlicensed cars taking paying passengers, seizing the cars and then impounding the cars, for a £1000 fine. Some passengers were even removed from the prom cars in the procession queue and put into a police van and taken to the prom in that! Hardly a dignified entrance for what should be one of the most special evenings of their schooldays!

The licensing authorities have also heard all the familiar tales about the prom cars: 'friends of the family', 'favour for a mate', 'charged for photos and then had a free ride' etc. Unless it can be proven that the passenger is a relative, then even just charging for petrol is HIRE AND REWARD, and therefore uninsured!


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