This is a 2011 police-spec 4.6 litre V8 P7b Ford Crown Victoria 4.6 V8 P71 police car which served for 7 years in the USA. With 240bhp and 0-60mph of under 9 seconds it will keep up with most baddies!  With authentic vinyl rear seats, hose down rubber mats and escape-proof rear door mechanisms, this is the real deal!

We have a Galls ST160 siren, complemented by the only Whelen Howler NYPD-esque amplifier fitted to a Crown Vic in the UK. There's a Whelen Liberty lightbar, wigwags, LED strobes, Whelen grille and door mirror lights, Sho-me deck lights and even a working PA system.  As one of the most recognisable gaming cop cars, it'll sure to be a hit with most audiences!